24 juni 2011


Popular Moroccan actress Nabila Marhaben ambassador MPC!

The ambitious and very popular Moroccan actress Nabila Marhaben is the new ambassador of the Moroccan Primate Conservation foundation. Nabila was born in Purmerend, in the Netherlands and is currently starring in a tremendously popular sitcom Yak Hna Jirane (The Neighbours) broadcasted throughout the Arab countries. Every episode is viewed by 35 million people and Nabila has millions of Moroccan fans. Recently Nabila and MPC made a visit to the wild Barbary macaques in Cascades d'Ouzoud and also the baby macaques that are for sale in Marrakech. Nabila was extremely touched to spend time with the wild macaques and was very upset to see that so many baby macaques are taken away from their mothers every year to be sold for the illegal pet trade (ed: 300- to 500 a year). "Now I have seen the macaques in the wild, I support the work of MPC even more. These unique endangered animals belong in the wild, in the beautiful nature of Morocco. Monkeys are not pets, they should never end up in cages", says Nabila. MPC is starting a large social media campaign with help of Nabila's popularity this summer to inform the tourists and visitors in Morocco to not buy macaques or other wildlife during their stay in Morocco. MPC is very happy to have such a dedicated Moroccan ambassador working with us! For more information about Nabila: http://www.nabilamarhaben.com

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