12 januari 2010



Dear blog readers, I am happy to inform you that MPC, our foundation is officially up and running with a new board and many supporters. We are still waiting to get an official "ANBI" status, that will provide Dutch beneficiaries to be able to donate money with a tax benefit. I will inform you all when it is arranged. Many people are waiting and impatient for this moment and we thank you so much for this enthousiasm, patience and support! Every penny and/ or effort you give us is worth so much.

Keep checking out or website and my blog, there is some really good news coming up.

On the downside, I am quite disappointed in something that has been going on recently. I have been in contact with a private person who had an adult female macaque as her pet, and was residing in Morocco. As a little background story, this person has a lot of love for her pet/ "friend" and came to me for soem advice and help. I will not go into details, out of respect for this person, but in the end this person chose to travel to Europe by ferry. When arrived in Europe the macaque was immediately confiscated at the border. This is the law. The macaque is doing well.

Nothing special you might think? For me it is unbelievable that a person can board a ferry openly in Morocco with an adult (large!) female macaque without any problems. I am obviously aware that many macaques are smuggled into Europe.....but openly transported???

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