06 maart 2009



I have been informed that I am not one of the 3 award winners unfortunately. But I am sure there were better candidates and I will try next year again.
Honestly it would have given me the financial break that I have been longing for for a while now. It has become hard to keep myself involved in the Barbary macaque project when there is no funding available. But hopefully MPC will bring a change to that situation.
The plan is that MPC will be up and running in May this year. You should however know that in the meantime we are not sitting around doing nothing.

I will fly to Morocco at the beginning of April to participate again in a training organised by GEA and WWF MedPo for the students of the forestry school in Salé and for the Mohammed V university students. I will train them in the illegal trade issues. We will also take them into the field again, just like we did with the group in November.

Also, at the beginning of May, I will return to Morocco for SSN. SSN is working on the implementation of CITES in Morocco and, like we have done before with the Spanish customs, we will train the Moroccan customs as well.

Please keep coming back to this blog, I will update as much as I can and let you know when MPC is up and running!

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