31 december 2008


Future for Nature Award

I am happy to tell you all that i have been nominated for the Future for Nature award. This award is handed out to people that have achieved specific goals in species conservation and aims to stimulate these individuals to continue their work for the future. I am honoured that I am amongst the last 12 candidates, of which 3 will be awarded, out of 148 people around the world of 56 countries.
Obviously I am not expecting to win this award as I have many many colleagues around the world who deserve this at least as much as i do, but already the acknowledgement for being amongst the last 12 candidates for me is an honour. And i want to thank all the involved people of mainly AAP, Sanctuary for exotic animals and IUCN The Netherlands (and individually David van Gennep, Rikkert Reijnen, Willem ferwerda, Carl Konigel and last but not least Mohamed Mouna) for their support in the past and for making it possible that i achieved what i did until now. Without their financial, professional and individual support, i would not have been able to reach this point.
Thank you! I hope we can continue our important work together, with or without this award!

03 december 2008


Moroccan Primate Conservation (MPC)

I am working on setting up a foundation called Moroccan Primate Conservation (MPC). This foundation will focus mainly on putting a halt to the illegal trade in the Barbary macaque, but will aim at the conservation of the cedar forest and all habitats in Morocco as well.

I will keep you informed on the progress on this blog and hope to raise funds so we can start some highly needed actions in 2009, such as the flyer project in the Moroccan ports and the start of setting up a rescue and reintroduction centre in Morocco.

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