08 mei 2010


MPC at IPPL in USA and Oxford

Recently MPC received a generous fund for the design and building of the first enclosure for a sanctuary for Barbary macaques in Morocco. Every 2 years, IPPL organises a meeting for the members of IPPL. People rom projects around the world come to this meeting to tell the members where their donations are being spent on. It was an honour to meet the members and to see Shrileys gibbons in Summerville. Also meeting many colleagues from around the globe who are fighting to preserve primates and their natural habitats was amazing. Thank you IPPL and het members for helping us all to do this! Keep an eye on the next IPPL newsletter!

During the conference in Oxford at the Oxford Brookes University, the 10th anniversary of the MSc Primate Conservation where Els studied, Els won the award for the best student presentation. It was a great conference and it was very nice to be back in good old Oxford!

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