17 december 2010


From disappointment to positive news....!!

I have recently been in Morocco and started my trip in the field where i met up with Chris Young and his team and his supervisor Dr. Majolo (University of Lincoln) to discuss possible plans together.
I spent a day alone with a wild group and that completely lifted my spirits and took away my disappointment from before. Also because i received good news from the field and our colleagues about a small increase of the macaque density in the national park, and a decrease in numbers of poached infants and numbers of goats. The poaching data comes from our local friends that are in the forest on a daily basis who have slowly become not only a valuable source of information but also are becoming "monkey guards". These local people have managed to stop a poaching group this summer by alerting the authorities. Fantastic!! Also the management team of the national park of Eaux et ForĂȘts are in positive spirits and seem very motivated to continue to work with us and conserve this beautiful area.

Last but not least, we have some positive news about a new option for creating a solution for confiscated macaques in Morocco.

I wish you all a very happy x-mas and I hope that we can count on your support in the new year!

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