23 april 2008


Publication on trade

Please read my article on the trade in Barbary macaques on the following link:


21 april 2008



In March I was back in Morocco after a long time. It was fantastic to be back and i don't think I have ever seen Morocco as green as it was now.
I spent my time catching up with things that had happened and also working on my feasibility study. I visited 2 areas that are potential regions to reintroduce the macaques in the future. It was a great trip and I can't wait to be back in May. At the moment I am in Chicago where I attended a meeting on Wildlife reintroductions. That was very useful and it was nice to see how many reintroductions have been very successful in the world.

Something different:
At the moment there are plans to cull some of the Gibraltar Barbary macaques as they are causing problems with the villages around the rock. If you would like to read more about this try this link: http://www.vox.gi/Local/GLOBAL_CALL_TO_HALT_APE_CULL-18042008.html
Please note that they made a huge mistake assuming that I am a man. And a Dr. I am flattered! But I think the journalist was confused and thought I was my father!

One point that the article did not mention, and to my opinion is one of the most important arguments against culling is the fact that we are talking about an endangered species. The macaque meets all the criteria for the status endangered on the Red List and will be classified as such next year. The culling of an endangered species is obviously unacceptable!

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