24 april 2011


Barbary macaques seized in Spain

During Operation GAPIN, an international enforcement initiative co-ordinated by the World Customs Organization (WCO), more than 100 seizures of wildlife protected by CITES were made during the 2 week transregional operation in January and February to combat the illegal cross-border trade in wildlife and their derivatives.
Also a Barbary macaque was confiscated from a car that was on the ferry arriving from Morocco to Algeciras. This monkey was supposed to be smuggled to France.

A second macaque was confiscated from a private home in La Linea near Gibraltar last month.

22 april 2011


Spring is in the air

I am in the plane on my way back from Morocco, where I spent a a few days in the forest. It is birth season again and when I was there quite a few infants have been born already. But the births go all the way through June so hopefully there are many more to follow.

As always, I was very pleased to be in the forest. It is such a beautiful region, especially in spring time. Unfortunately this year there was not much snowfall and that means that it might be a very dry summer this year. That is not good news for the animals that live in the forest. Hopefully this month will still bring some rain.
I am happy to inform you that our local colleagues in the forest, that work with MPC to protect the macaques have done an amazing job in the last year fighting the poachers through the authorities with results that I are beyond my expectations. I will write more on this soon. For MPC it is amazing to see how people, who in the past used to be involved in the trade of macaques have now become macaque guards, who actively work with us and hopefully in the future will make our work unnecessary. I am so very proud of this team, with emphasis on one person in particular who I will not name for safety reasons. I am convinced that we will see the results of their efforts this year.
There are so many exciting things happening at the moment, not just for the macaques but also for MPC. So keep an eye on the website or this blog, there’s some good news coming up!

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