11 augustus 2011


Ignorant people

Lately I have noticed a something that really disturbs me a lot.
Recently we have been active at a few fundraising activities, in which we first explain what MPC stands for and then ask people if they would like to donate a small amount to our foundation or if they want to buy for example merchanidise to support us. But, and this is really shocking, we sometimes don’t even get the chance to explain what we do after we mention the word “Morocco” , because people just react directly by saying “NO” the moment they hear the word Morocco. This shocks me every time this happens….!!

A friend of mine who runs a Nail Beauty parlor in quite an upscale area in Amsterdam tried to raise some funds with her clients for MPC but the moment she mentioned the word Morocco they said no. They said that they did not want to give anything to Moroccans and that they don’t trust that their money will arrive to the place that it should. Even when she explained that it was for the monkeys, they already closed their ears and looked the other way.

I cannot believe this. I think it is appalling that people in Holland are so short sighted. It is very intriguing that people donate millions of Euro’s without thinking twice to a country like Somalia – a country that has been the most anarchistic, criminal shithole (excuse my French) place on earth run by warlords and corrupt idiots who let their people starve to death – and people donate what? 17 million now in Holland? Incredible. Really incredible….

What disturbs me the most is that people obviously have no idea about Morocco (my second home and one of the most beautiful and safest countries I have ever been), about Moroccan people (who are more warm, sharing and caring than most western people I have met in my life) and are incapable of making a difference between the small percentage of nasty Moroccan boys who are causing trouble in our country and millions of good people that we can learn from in our society!
Wow Holland, we used to be so tolerant. Now we are just ignorant!

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