07 juni 2010


Trip to Morocco- Very green cedar forest (!), the 2 Barbary nutters, Chris young and his team


Pictures from the trip in May- Sian and Ahmed in the Rif, and finding materials with Esther in Marrakech


Volunteers needed in Spain this summer!

This year AAP and MPC are repeating the successful educational project that we organised in 2007, educating in Europe residing Moroccans on their way to Morocco this summer not to buy Barbary macaques by handing out flyers at popular resting areas and parking places along the highways in Spain. We need volunteers to help us flyer between July 10 and July 20 in area of ValdepeƱas (south of Madrid, not so far from Cordoba) and between 21 July and August 4 near Algeciras (south where the ferry embarks). We will provide accommodation and food, and transport from acomodation to the working areas. I you have your own car, that would be even better! A minimal volunteer period of 5 days is requested, but if you live in the neighbourhood of the locations less is possible.
Apart from the fact that you will be doing really important work, it will also be fun! If you like being in contact with people, educating people and speak at least English and one of the following languages (French, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish) please come and help us!! Contact me on mpcfoundation@gmail.com and please forward this to anybody who you think might be interested. I hope to see you in Spain!

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