19 juli 2009


MPC in motion

MPC has had its first board meeting. The MPC board consists of the following persons:

Chairman: Rikkert Reijnen - currently working at IFAW Netherlands and in the past has worked for AAP, Sanctuary for exotic animals and has been involved in Barbary macaque conservation actions for years for AAP. Rikkert is, together with Els van Lavieren, one of the founders of MPC.

Secretary: Mariette Buthker- who has worked at AAP, Sanctuary for exotic animals for years in PR and Marketing

Treasurer: Hicham Zemmouri, who currently works for Shell in the finacial world and is originally Moroccan

Advisor: Prof. Hans de Iongh - reknown conservation biologist and currently working at CML in Leiden as Associate professor

Els van Lavieren: director

We have established our first goals and will be mainly focusing on the CITES uplisting of the Barbary macaque from Appendix II to Appendix I. This CoP will take place in Qatar in March 2010, and hopefully MPC will accomplish this uplisting together with other NGO's and the Moroccan and Algerian governments.

We are working on a new website, that will be located at: www.mpcfoundation.nl in the near future and also on this webiste you will be able to see how you can help MPC to combat the illegal trade on the Barbary macaque and conservation of their natural habitat.

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