03 maart 2010


Visit to South Africa

Recently Hanneke van Ormondt and I have visited CARE, a chacma baboon sanctuary in South Africa, run by Rita Miljo and some dedicated volunteers and staff. We also visited the Vervet foundation that shelters vervet monkeys and is run by David and Josie Du Toit.

The reason for this visit was for me to learn from both centers how to run a sanctuary for primates under often difficult circumstances in Africa. Also at CARE I got ideas for the first enclosure that we are going to build for Barbary macaques in Morocco. Both sanctuaries have plans or have already reintroduced their groups back to the wild, with success, and that is something we might be doing in the future in Morocco too.

I was very impressed with both sanctuaries. CARE is located along the Olifants river near Kruger national park and is a trully magical and wild place, where so many baboons, that until recently were considered vermin, are cared for with so much love. Rita and her team were extremely welcoming and I thank Rita so very much for her time and sharing all the information with me.

The Vervet foundation shelters many vervet monkeys that also come from the pet trade or are found in need of help and although it is set up totally different than CARE, due to the difference in species, I was also impressed by the huge enclosures and the dedication to sheltering this species. I am greatful to David and Josie for their time and information.

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