27 maart 2010


Japan dilemma

Dear readers,

I have dilemma and would like to hear your opinions. This year, the International Primatological Society meeting (IPS) is in Japan. Now most of you may know that Japan is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to conservation, especially marine life. Japan still hunts whales, is the country that has just made sure the Bluefin Tuna is going extinct at the CITES meeting and after seeing the movie The Cove, i pretty much decided never ever to go to Japan. But then, for my work, for the macaques, and for the foundation, it would be very good if i go to this meeting.
My very personal opinion is that i think many more IPS attandants should make a statement about this. Why would we give Japan the chance to show that they are serious about conserving our natural world when at the same time they don't care whatsoever about the fact that they are the number 1 country that is causing many fish species to go extinct and have absolutely no respect for animal welfare???

I think you have a very good point.
Japan are hypocrites when it comes to conservation. I would be great if a lot of people that are planning to go will make a stand together. Either go but make your point once your there and make sure a lot of organisations will do.
Or not go and speak out loud why you are not going and try and get more people/organisations to do the same.
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