24 juli 2007


Algeria, our colleagues

I am happy to inform you that our colleagues in Algeria havejust started a similar project for education on and protection of the Barbary macaque. They have, in collaboration with La Montagne des Singes in France developed a flyer and other educational material to hand out to local people in the areas where the Barbary macaque still exists. The problems with the macaques in Algeria are a bit different. The trade is more oon national level, although international trade does exist, but not in the same proportions as the Moroccan trade.
The message to the local people and all people targeted is: do not buy macaques, do not feed them, the macaque is a protected species both national and international and we should protect them and their habitat. Today Algeria informed me that they will also start targetting people in the ports coming on holiday to Algeria. Also we have been given full support to uplist the species to Appendix I for the next CITES CoP. It is very good to know that now in both the ranging countries of the Barbary macaque we are working hard to protect this unique and threatened species.

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